Take our clients'
words for it:

"I have nothing but the best to say about Word Jones. They're always there for us, and that's a tremendously reassuring asset to have. Plus their work is always fantastic; they have an innate feel for language that you just don't often find. They're stars in my book!"

–Maran Sheils,
Owen Jones and Partners


jones n. (slang): an addiction; a strong or compulsive craving for a particular substance or experience. [Pam has a serious jones for her morning coffee.]


To have a word jones is to be obsessed with language, and that was the original impetus for creating Word Jones: the drive, the need, to find the perfect words to convey the desired message in any situation. Oh, and getting the details — spelling, punctuation and grammar — right every time. We couldn't help it then, and we can't help it now; it's just who we are. And the thing about people who have a jones is, they can recognize others who are similarly afflicted.

And so over time we've built a network – you might even think of it as a professional support group – of people who have that need in their own specialties. And it's made all of us quite good at what we do. Whether it's writing, design, Web or creative direction, the jones for perfection runs hot through everything we work on.

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