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"Word Jones hits on all the qualities I rely on: capable, dependable, flexible, professional and affordable. They take direction based on my requirements and return deliverables that follow both the letter of the instructions but also expand to surprise me with delivering beyond the instructions."

–Amy Urban,
Handheld US


Sure, everyone learned to write in grade school. But despite what their parents may have thought, not everyone was gifted at it. Our writers actually were, and we've been painting in words our entire lives. We know what needs to be said, and how best to do it.

Handheld: Rugged Technology Articles

Handheld: Rugged Technology Articles

Handheld, another long-time client based in both Europe and the U.S., makes amazing handheld rugged computers. And it turns out that when you have a powerful computer that can withstand just about any weather and work environment, and can be customized with virtually unlimited types of specialty software… you can pretty much go anywhere and do anything.

So we get to write case studies and magazine articles about the range of places and ways in which this technology is used. Paleontology with the Leakeys in Africa, studying climate change on Yukon glaciers, providing distance healthcare to offshore-platform workers… and keeping a huge tunnel project in Norway as safe as possible, as in this sample article. It's like an adventure every time we get a new assignment!

WJ team members: Jim, Brynna

Sandstrom Partners: Converse Catalogs

Sandstrom Partners: Converse Catalogs

It started as a simple catalog proofing job for Sandstrom Partners. We threw in a couple editing suggestions, no charge. Their response: “Why don’t you just write the next one?” So we did. And another half-dozen after that. It was really fun, sitting around making up stories about funky shoes. Here’s a brief excerpt from one catalog.

WJ team members: Jim, LeeAnn

Hopkins + Sachs: Political Campaign Pieces

Hopkins + Sachs: Political Campaign Pieces Every once in a while it's good to get out of your comfort zone. For Word Jones, "every once in a while" has turned out to be every two years. Oregon-based political consultants Jim Hopkins and Hiram Sachs came to us in 2008 looking for writer/designer teams to develop campaign print pieces.

Uncertain at first about this kind of work, we agreed to give it a try. Well, all our candidates that year won their races, which was pretty intoxicating – and we've been at it every two years since. Working in teams, we collaborate on a visual/copy concept for each assignment, producing dozens of pieces each campaign cycle. It's a very specific kind of writing and design, and it turns out we're pretty good at it.

WJ team members: Jim, Sarah, Geena, LeeAnn, James

The Mountaineers: Oregon Cycling Guidebook

The Mountaineers: Oregon Cycling Guidebook Here's the low-risk way to become a published author: An established publisher calls you out of the blue and asks you to write a book. Jim's travel writing and work for Cycle Oregon and Travel Oregon caught the attention of The Mountaineers when they decided they wanted an Oregon cycling guide, so they called with an offer.

It took Jim about three seconds to say yes, and about 10 minutes to come up with 75 routes (he's ridden all over the state). Then he got to research all those routes, which resulted in one hectic but highly enjoyable summer. The book came out to very positive reviews, and he got to do an author talk at Powell's, so that was cool.

WJ team members: Jim


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