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"The Word Jones design and copywriting team has been a great resource for TriMet, particularly when we're operating on tight deadlines. The team is talented, creative and fun. They've been a wonderful asset to our agency."

–Diane Goodwin,
TriMet Community Affairs


We love it when we get the chance to bring our talents together on projects – the more aspects the better. With all the players on our team, we can handle marketing pretty much wall-to-wall.

Cycle Oregon: Annual Event Marketing

Cycle Oregon: Annual Event Marketing

In 2005, this popular annual bike tour of Oregon's back roads was experiencing flagging registration numbers for the first time. The ride organizers decided one way to address the problem was to create a unified, updated copy voice. They came to Word Jones. Jim helped create the ride themes and craft all the marketing efforts for each subsequent ride through 2014, including print ads, e-mail blasts, newsletters and a new website.

He even wrote and printed the Cycle Oregonian, a newspaper published and given to riders each day on the week-long ride. When Word Jones joined the team, the event's success increased incrementally year over year – from falling 500 riders short of a sellout the previous year to selling out nearly 3,000 spots in 30 minutes in 2012. Buoyed by this success and enamored of the joys of cycling tours, Jim subsequently created two other major tours, in the Yellowstone region and in New York's Adirondack Park.

WJ team members: Jim, Sarah, James

PBOT: Going Street Greenway

PBOT: Going Street Greenway

How fun was this? Portland Bureau of Transportation had a grant to promote the newest of its Neighborhood Greenways – low-traffic boulevards designed to facilitate biking and walking within neighborhoods all over Portland.

They came to Word Jones for ideas, and the WJ team came up with an entire promotional campaign and a series of fun events. From a "poker run" at a series of parks during a Sunday Parkways event, to special days celebrating bike-to-work and bike-to-school commuters, to a shopping-spree contest along nearby Alberta Street, to a treasure hunt along the length of the Greenway, our team orchestrated an entire summer of innovative promotion, handling event planning, branding, graphic design and copywriting. Not only was it a blast to pull off, it was highly successful in raising awareness for what is now one of the most-used Greenways in town.

WJ team members: Jim, Sarah

TriMet: Tilikum Crossing Naming Promotion

TriMet: Tilikum Crossing Naming Contest

TriMet, Portland's transit agency, delivered one of the most exciting and visible public transportation projects in decades: the first new bridge across the Willamette in 40 years. And, better yet, it's only for transit, cyclists and pedestrians – an everyone-is-welcome structure that features graceful and inspiring architecture.

This is truly a people's bridge, so TriMet left the naming of the bridge up to the people who would use it. And they hired Word Jones to promote the naming process. We got to develop a campaign look-and-feel and then a series of ads and other print materials, to spread the word of the naming opportunity. And the chosen name, Tilikum, means "the people" in native Chinook – how perfect.

WJ team members: LeeAnn, Sarah, Jim

Coca-Cola Tagline

Coca-Cola tagline Ecova (formerly Ecos Consulting), a longtime client that works in the areas of energy efficiency and sustainability, was working with Coca-Cola on a program to encourage Coke vendors to "green up" their operations.

They needed a snappy way to sum up the program and its goals, and were having no luck coming up with that simple, perfect concept. They called Word Jones, and Jim leaned back in his chair and gazed off into space…

WJ team members: Jim

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