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"Word Jones is always the first firm I turn to for graphic design and creative services. The team is energetic, resourceful, and always brings fresh ideas and solutions to all of our projects."

–Scott Cohen,
City of Portland Bureau of Transportation


Sure, Word Jones started out being about the copy, but we sure got lucky along the way to get to work with the artistic types, too. The design and the words have to work together, or they don't work at all.

Travel Oregon: RideOregonRide.com

Travel Oregon: RideOregonRide.com

Oregon aims to be the most cycling-friendly state in the U.S. – and might be there already. Part of the effort is RideOregonRide, a bicycle-tourism website created by Travel Oregon, the state's tourism agency.

The site includes more than 500 road, trail and gravel riding routes, a comprehensive cycling-related-events calendar, and feature stories on a panoply of two-wheel topics. Travel O brought Jim in early in the creation process, in 2009, and besides helping plan its functionality, he and Brynna have been creating and managing content for the site ever since. Jim also serves as "Ask the Cycling Expert," fielding a mind-boggling variety of inquiries from all over the world.

WJ team members: Jim, Brynna

Wildlife Conservation Society: Cycle Adirondacks

Wildlife Conservation Society: Cycle Adirondacks When Jim got the opportunity to run his own bicycle tours, he was smart enough to bring his marketing team along. Wildlife Conservation Society, a global nonprofit based in New York City, hired him to create and manage a large week-long tour of the Adirondack Park in upstate New York.

The first order of business? Create a singular brand that would stand out in a crowded market. Sarah's exceedingly clean graphic design and James' vibrant but simple Web design instantly conveyed the feeling of a world-class event. They've had a hand in creating everything from this website to posters, banners, jerseys, T-shirts and giveaway tchotchkes.

WJ team members: Jim, Sarah, James

Lloyd Eco-District: Branding/Identity

Lloyd Eco-District: Branding/Identity

Portland is all about the neighborhoods and districts, each with its own flavor. The Lloyd District didn't have a real "brand" in the public's mind, so a group of advocates came together to change that.

Hitching their wagon to the laudable and evolving concept of sustainability, they created the Lloyd Eco-District – a greening project encompassing commercial and residential properties, now and in the future. They needed an identity that would quickly and simply convey their piece of Portland and what they were trying to do with it. Jim and Sarah put their heads together (Sarah definitely had the most to do with it) and came up with this striking logo as well as identity and collateral pieces.

WJ team members: Sarah, Jim

Bicycle Tour Network: Rebrand

Bike Tour Network: Rebrand

There's an association for everything – and that includes people who run bicycle tours. The National Bike Tour Directors Association (NBTDA – that's a mouthful) recognized that it needed to streamline its name and modernize its image; Word Jones was glad to help.

Jim renamed the organization the Bicycle Tour Network (BTN rolls off the tongue a lot better) and Sarah brought her skills to bear in creating an instantly recognizable, bold and uncluttered look for the new logo.

WJ team members: Jim, Sarah

Pac/West: Wilsonville Aquatics & Rec Center

Alta Planning + Design Web

Sometimes our value to a client comes in the ability to just make something better, rather than having the chance to create from scratch. This project is an illustration of that value. The City of Wilsonville had developed a fact sheet for a proposed aquatics center, but it wasn't really shining.

Our client Pac/West, working with the city, recognized that the piece needed help but knew there wasn't budget to recreate it. They turned it over to Word Jones. Sarah cleaned up the look and Jim reshaped the copy, and – voila – a piece that is vastly better with just a little help (the PDF shows the after and the before).

WJ team members: Sarah, Jim

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