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"Working with Word Jones is really a dream come true. They have bailed me out of last-minute crises more than I care to admit. Not only are they super-fast, they go out of their way to help EXPLAIN why they've made their mark-ups. Unlike many proofreaders who simply "give you the rules," they know how to make the work read clearly. I am eternally grateful to the geniuses at Word Jones."


Editing and Proofing

A little secret of the proofing world: It's not just what you know; it's knowing what you need to look up. That, plus a dogged personality that compels us to check things from every angle.

OFRI: Forest Threats Report

OFRI: Forest Threats Report

Word Jones has been proofreading for the Oregon Forest Resources Institute for many years, keeping their copy clean on everything from blog posts to fact sheets, from press releases to big important reports like this one.

Along the way we've created and maintained a style guide that is specific to OFRI's subject matter and quirks (did you know that a Douglas-fir is not really a true fir tree? That's why there's a hyphen in its official OFRI-style name). We have several dozen clients for this type of work; OFRI is a good example of how we adapt our work to each client's needs.

WJ team members: Jim, LeeAnn, Susan, Sarah

The Children's Institute: Annual Report

The Children's Institute: Annual Report

One thing that might go without saying: We have to like our clients and their work. You won't find us writing taglines for Big Tobacco.

So it's always a pleasure to work with a client like The Children's Institute, an organization that works tirelessly to improve kids' opportunities in their early educations. And as a proofing exercise, this report demands attention to details in copy, graphics and more.

WJ team members: Jim

Landon Napoleon: Book Manuscript Editing

Landon Napoleon: Book Manuscript Editing

If proofing ads, press releases and fact sheets is the day-to-day yin, proofing and editing an entire book provides a very nice yang. There's something satisfying about getting to immerse yourself deeply in something for days at a time.

Jim connected with author Landon Napoleon through a mutual client, and Jim and the Word Jones team have worked on a half-dozen of his books, editing and proofing both new releases and older works being converted to e-book format. This is a different kind of work – continuity, character development, endless fact-checking – that keeps our eyes and skills sharp.

WJ team members: Jim, LeeAnn, Susan

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