Any purpose.
Any audience.


Short or long form. Creative or technical. Academic or irreverent. When we say à la carte, we mean it — take your pick.

web / press releases / ads / social / direct mail / white papers / case studies / ebooks / reports / software manuals / articles / naming / scripts


We tighten up language, tidy mechanics, check facts and give the final OK before you go live.

Proofreading / mechanical, line, structural and developmental editing / optimization / AI enhancement / plain language / fact checking / rewriting


Accurate, culturally appropriate and market-aware translation.

Offered through our trusted partner, iWorld. Contact us with your inquiry.

Graphic Design

Layout to complement your copy, plus branding, logos and more.

Offered through our trusted partner, Sarah Craig. Contact us with your inquiry.

Always written and edited by humans.

OpenAI and other generatives have incredible capabilities, and we’re always happy to work with your raw material, no matter how it’s produced. Sometimes custom GPT content just needs a personal touch, and we actually have a name for this service: “AI enhancement.”

With that said… The work we do at Word Jones is always human-crafted and 100% original.